Virgin Sea Salt

Given the importance of salt as a basic element of human consumption and the large differences that exist, depending on their origin, formation and collection, there are substantial differences in qualities of salt. In November 2011, legislation on this law, established that Royal Decree 163/2011, would amend Royal Decree 1424/1983, 27th of April). Approving the regulation for obtaining, circulation and sale of edible salt and brine.

This Decree defines marine salt .as salt coming from the evaporation of water from the sea. Specifically, when it is obtained exclusively by the action of the wind and Sun, collected by hand and only washed in the Crystallizer, without the addition of any ingredient, you can call ‟Virgin Sea Saltˮ.

Climatic conditions

The formation of the salt process depends mainly on the weather. The ambient temperature, the force of the wind, and moisture are all variables that cause the evaporation of the water within the operating system of the salt flats. That allows rainfall and sedimentation of salt in the bottom of our basins. These special weather conditions are concentrated in the summer season and with greater intensity in the months of June, July and August.

Virgin Sea salt harvest by hand

Crops are harvest by hand and the salt has been formed at the bottom of the basins is carried out with a rake. Subsequently loaded into baskets and transfer them to the drying point.

Virgin Sea Salt of Mallorca

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